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Tattoo FAQ

What is your minimum cost for a tattoo?
How old do I have to be to get tattooed?
18 years old. No Exceptions.
You must be at least 18 years old to get tattooed in the state of Wisconsin.
Parents can NOT sign for their minor, so don't ask.
I require a valid state ID from every one, no matter age, that acquires a tattoo procedure in my studio.
How old do I have to be to enter the tattoo studio? 18 years old. No Exceptions.

Please understand that I need my complete concentration to give you the best tattoo possible. 

For this reason, children under 18 will not be permitted in my studio.

You must make appropriate childcare arrangements during your scheduled tattoo procedure.

Can I bring friends? NO.

As stated above, I require an environment that allows for undistracted concentration to give you the best tattoo possible. You may bring one friend or family member 18 or older to the appointment, but please keep note they will not be allowed in the tattooing area and will have to remain in the waiting room.

Can I smoke in your studio or on the property? NO.

I run a clean and sterile work environment. By state law, for the safety of you, my staff, and myself,

there is no smoking in my tattoo studio or on the studio's property. If you are a smoker, please make suitable preparations for yourself.

I have been drinking alcohol. Can you still tattoo me? NO.

Alcohol is a blood thinner.

For those who normally drink copiously, please detox 7 days in advance of your tattoo appointment,

and absolutely NO alcohol within 48 hours of your appointment.


Light bleeding is to be expected when you get tattooed, but alcohol thins your blood, which means excess bleeding.

Alcohol prevents your blood’s ability to clot. Clotting happens when red blood cells (called platelets) hurry to the tattoo site,

clumping together to close the hole (broken skin).  However, even just one beer or cocktail affects your blood’s ability to clot. Your favorite drink may help you feel less nervous, but it reduces the platelets in your bloodstream. It also causes the platelets to be less sticky, so they’re not able to clot as efficiently.

What does this mean?

• My visibility is impaired by the pooling of your blood mixed with the tattoo ink as the blood pushes the ink back out so I will not be able to tattoo at my best.

• Your blood mixes with the tattoo ink, dilutes it, and causes your finished product to look faded, washed out, and splotchy.

• Your body’s healing abilities are diminished, therefore making your healing time longer than normal.

But can you, the tattoo artist, even tell while tattooing me that I have alcohol in my system?


Other common over-the-counter blood thinners include: NSAID's such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin.

Don't exceed your normal daily dose of these medications.

Can I make a tattoo appointment without a non-refundable deposit or consultation? NO.

To give the best service that I can to my customers, a tattoo consult is required.

I will not reserve a tattoo appointment, draw, sketch, or design without a non-refundable deposit.

How do I submit my non-refundable deposit?

After your tattoo consult, If we agree to move forward with the tattoo, we will set an appointment date.

I will then email you an invoice and contract for the $100 non-refundable deposit, or you can make it directly at the studio during an in-person consultation. This deposit will need to be paid within three business days to reserve your appointment date.

Are non-refundable deposits refundable? NO.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable, but will go towards the final cost of your tattoo,

as long as no appointments are missed or canceled.

Can I transfer my deposit or appointment date to someone else? NO.

Appointments are made depending on the subject.

Additionally, projects require direct approval by me before booking.

Unfortunately, I need to do my own photo research and subject design to do my best work. There are plenty of artists out there who enjoy the challenge of repairing old work; I am not one of them.


I was a no-call / no-show, can I reschedule my appointment? NO.

My policy on no-call / no-shows is straightforward: our professional affiliation is terminated.

My livelihood relies on having a client present at their designated appointment. If a client neglects to provide prior notice, either by phone or email, our professional affiliation is terminated, no exceptions to this policy are permitted.

Whether you're just starting your tattoo journey or are well into multiple sessions for a full-body masterpiece,

I must emphasize that a failure in communication will necessitate the cancellation of any forthcoming appointments.

Should I make or draw my own design? Can I bring in another tattoo artist's design to get tattooed? NO.

I only work from my custom drawings or my photo painted mock up designs. Please do not send or bring pictures of tattoos and expect to receive that same tattoo design. We can use that image as a reference, but I will not tattoo them or copy them, as they are not my designs. I will create something amazing, unique, and custom just for you.

Do you offer gift cards or gift certificates? NO.

The Mystic Moon Media LLC tattoo experience is custom designed for each client. I do not offer gift cards/certificates because I need to first speak directly with the person potentially getting the tattoo to make sure what they are looking for fits my style and my way of tattooing.  I also need to have a personal conversation with the client to make sure my appointment schedule works with theirs.

However, I accept credit cards, and a prepaid Visa or MasterCard that you can find at almost any retail store could be an alternative.

How much for a sleeve?

The general estimation is that most of my sleeves generally take somewhere between 20–50 hours of total tattoo time.

Sleeves are a serious commitment, both financially and time-wise. They can take several months, sometimes up to a year, to complete.

All sleeve sessions will be charged by my hourly rate and have a 4-hour minimum charge.

Click Here to read about my pricing.

Do you do cover-ups? Maybe?

I rarely undertake tattoo cover-up work unless the tattoo is small and sufficiently faded. Trying to cover something takes away from my ability to effectively shade and add realism at the highest level. I typically recommend finding an artist with a style that uses an abundance of bold line work and saturated color to hide the cover-up.

That said, you can always ask, and I can tell you what I am willing to do.

 I do not like what my artist started. Can you finish it and add your flair to it? NO.

Unfortunately, I need to do my own photo research and subject design to do my best work. There are plenty of artists out there who enjoy the challenge of repairing old work; I am not one of them.

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