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The Witching Hour Oracle

Open Edition

Let Me Introduce You To The Oracle...

Imagine an oracle deck inspired by the goddess and her many faces: Mother, Maiden, and Crone. An oracle deck representing women of all ethnicities, sizes, and ages. One that celebrates women and the beauty within their differences as they journey through life within the lunar cycle. Cards that allow the user to gaze upon the imagery and see their own reflection in the faces of the goddess. An oracle deck where these amazing women are depicted during the Witching Hour, when the veil from our realm to the spirit realm is its sheerest.

I would venture you are like me, as you are here inquiring about this spiritual oracle deck. You are awed by the metaphysical world and tools that allow you to tap into the power that gives us insight into our existence and the challenges that we face every day within our lives. I believe that this tool should represent all that we are as women and our journey through life. Therefore, I have created The Witching Hour Oracle. 

 I have a deep love for the goddess, so I wanted to represent her many faces in this oracle deck within the lunar moon 13 - month cycle. Each cycle has three cards honoring the Maiden (waxing moon), the Mother (full moon), and the Crone (waning moon). The deck begins with the Wolf Moon and ends with the Cold Moon. Along with the lunar month traits, each wondrous woman is depicted during the Witching Hour, the time when the veil from our realm to the spirit realm is sheer. During the Witching Hour, these women can easily collect magickal energy from the moon.

The Witching Hour Oracle Artwork


Limited Edition Deck


In January 2020, a run of one hundred and fifty sets of

The Witching Hour Oracle Limited Edition was created and sold in Mystic Moon Media LLC's Etsy online shop.

This limited run featured the Blue Moon Limited Edition card artwork in the deck.  This artwork is exclusive to this run only and will never be produced in future printings of the deck.

This Limited Edition run sold out in May 2020.


Art Book


In January 2020, a Limited Edition run of fifty art books called

"The Witching Hour Oracle Visual Compendium"

was created.  


This Visual Compendium is an 8.5 x 11 inch, 60 page, full color, perfect bound art book. This first edition book run will have all the artwork of "The Witching Hour Oracle Deck," including the Limited Edition and

Open Edition Blue Moon cards.

These books are still available for purchase in my Etsy.


Open Edition Deck


I have wonderful news for those who are still seeking to have The Witching Hour Oracle Deck for themselves

who were unable to get their hands on a Limited Edition Deck.

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