Tattoo Experience

Mystic Moon Media LLC is a private fine art gallery and custom tattoo studio located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin,

showcasing the work of artist Cherie Gerhardt.

I have over 20 years of combined professional experience in the artistic fields of commercial digital painting and tattooing. 

I want every client's tattoo to have my combined skills in both artistic fields. First, a unique, digitally created design is made for each client and then applied to the skin using professional tattooing methods. I am an experienced tattooist licensed by the State of Wisconsin and trained in proper cleaning, sterilization, and infection prevention practices to reduce cross-contamination.

I do all of this from my private, clean, and comfortable studio. My studio is committed to reducing the spread of COVID-19, and I have implemented additional  cleaning and safety protocols to protect my clients, the community, and myself. 

I provide clients with a truly memorable tattooing experience by:

• Coming together with my client to design and create an amazing custom tattoo.

• A private, SAFE, clean tattooing environment.

• Quality, high-end vegan inks, vegan procedure supplies, equipment, one time

(SINGLE USE) disposable needles, and vegan aftercare package

• The knowledge and willingness to take the time needed to answer questions from clients.

• Providing all aftercare needs and instructions so you can properly take care of your new tattoo.

• Utilizing my passionate knowledge, skill, and experience in the fields of digital art and tattooing.


COVID vaccination card is required for a tattoo appointment.

  (Not vaccinated? Those unvaccinated must wear mask over nose and mouth for the entire tattoo procedure, no exceptions.)

I work by appointment only.

Why? It allows me to take the time needed for careful preparation and give my full attention to each tattoo.
It also allows ample time to create a work of art for each client resulting in a

tattoo that you will be proud to have for the rest of your life.

That said, quality tattoos take time!
I am an artist who puts a significant number of components into my work. 
Strategic details and appropriate sizing are needed to achieve a realistic-looking tattoo.
If you would like a tattoo from me, be prepared to spend time at a  tattoo session. 
As an example, a 5”x7” tattoo could take 6-8 hours depending on what the tattoo is, your skin type,
and how well you can sit during the tattoo procedure.
If you are looking for an artist who tattoos super fast, at a cheap rate and does not put a substantial amount of details into a tattoo,
I am not the artist for you. 

How I Work


Tattoo Pricing

Tattoos start at $150

My minimum charge for any tattoo is *$150.

Even if you want a three-minute tattoo, this will be the minimum charge.

This fee goes towards the cost of the high-quality supplies, equipment, and aftercare that I put into your tattoo, as well as my time.

By the piece or by the hour...

Currently, depending on the tattoo, I charge either per piece or by the hour. As a general rule, if the tattoo is about 6”x8” or less, I charge per piece. If the tattoo is larger than 6”x8”, I charge per hour.

My hourly rate is *$150 per hour, *$800 per 6 hour day. My hourly rate is non-negotiable.

Per piece is just that, price per tattoo. I would need to have an idea of what you are looking to get and the size,

and then I can provide you with a price.

By the piece, tapping out...

When I give a price for a tattoo by the "piece" this price is for a one-time sitting. If you cannot finish it in one sitting (tapping out),

the charge of *$150 will be added to the price each time we have to add an additional sitting to finish your tattoo. 


I will always try my best to work with a client and their budget. Please understand, though, if you want a bottom basement priced tattoo, that “sweet deal”, I am not the artist for you. What you will get from me is a quality, clean tattoo at a reasonable price.

*Prices are subject to change.


Booking & Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required.

In order to book a time spot and move forward with the design process, a non-refundable deposit of $100 is required.

This deposit goes towards the cost of your tattoo. 


If you place a non-refundable deposit, I will include the design, per your requirements, of your tattoo for free. This design will appear to be simple. It will consist of what I need to proceed with the tattoo procedure and give you a basic idea of how your tattoo will look. This design will include one free change. If you require additional changes to your tattoo design, there is a $30 charge per change.

These additional change fees will NOT go towards the final cost of the tattoo.


Absolutely NO designs or drawings will be created without a non-refundable deposit. Deposits must be made within 3 days of the tattoo appointment date agreement email or in-person request, to lock your date.



Cancellations are allowed before 72 hours of your appointment.

A 72-hour notice is required to cancel your appointment and reschedule it for another day without you losing your initial deposit.

You can only reschedule your appointment once without losing the deposit.

If you have to reschedule a second time, even with a 72-hour notice, you will then lose your deposit.

If you cancel the day of your appointment due to illness and provide a doctor's note, you may reschedule once without losing your deposit.

Please understand that I make my living by booking my schedule with tattoo appointments.

If you cancel without notice, that is time that I could have scheduled someone else.