Handmade Books - Scam Alert

Scam Alert

If you do not know by now, social media is notorious for these overseas SCAM websites. They STEAL product photos and listings from sites like eBay, Etsy, and Kickstarter and make their own website with these images.

When you purchase items from these SCAM websites such as owlcollectable you will get NO item in return for your money. If they need a tracking number so they can deny a credit card transaction dispute, you will get a very poor imitation of the item or a different item altogether.

This company that owns  www.vanloni.com and cherrycollector.com does NOT sell my books. It does NOT have the permission for the usage of my product photos, my art, or my books. My books are a handmade one of a kind item. My books cannot even be made at these prices, as the materials to make a book cost much more.

Please note, SCAMMERS will open more websites and social media accounts under different names and they will sell these "fake listings". By the time you dispute it with your credit card company or PayPal they will be gone.

Mystic Moon Media LLC / Cherie Gerhardt handmade books are sold ONLY on my Etsy website:

I do not sell my handmade books wholesale. You will never, ever, see them any place else but my Etsy shop or the shows that I attend.

If you were scammed by this website, company, or any other website, thinking you will get one of my items, I suggest you do as I have.
Contact the FBI at the Internet Crime Complaint Center iC3
and file a complaint against this company.

Final note my friends, please, please, please...
stop buying items from ads on social media!
If you like an item you see on social media, go to their website and investigate.

• Where is the company located? Does it tell you?
• Do they have multiple ways of contacting them or just email?
• Does that email address match their URL?
• Does the URL match the business name and logo on the main page?
• Do they have a limit on what you can spend on an order, like $100?
• Do the images they use have watermarks on them?
If yes, do those watermark images match the website name and/or logo?
Any of these could be RED Flags of a fraudulent website.

Unfortunately, as consumers, we have to take the responsibility on where we spend our money.

It is up to us to do our own research to make sure it is not a fraudulent company.