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Font Tattoos


I can tattoo scripts, or any font, for that matter.  Due to my tattooing style and the machines that I own, I excel at tattooing natural, dimensional fonts as in the first example.  These fonts have a more bushed look, with dark and light highlights as you can see circled. They can be done in a black and gray, or we can add a bright color.

Traditional scripts, like you see in the second example, require different tattoo machinery than I use. One way to think of it is that my machines are more like oil paint brushes.  These machines, along with my tattooing style and techniques, allow me to create a more realistic blend of inks. The tattoo machines needed to do the type of script in the second image are more like an ink pen and allow the artist to do precise, technical lines. 

If you prefer the the traditional script as in the second photo, I can recommend some local artists who excel in that type of tattooing, and they can provide you with a tattoo.

But, if you like the natural free flowing style as in the first image, I would love to create a quality tattoo for you to enjoy. 


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