About the Artist

Art is not only what I do, but it is who I am. It’s as if the goddess blew the breath of creativity directly into my soul.

Hello, my name is Cherie Gerhardt. The arts have consumed my life. From a young age, I crafted, sketched, painted, and sculpted my imaginings into existence. So, it came as no surprise when I chose to become a professional artist right out of high school.

My professional career started when I was 18, with the sacred art of tattooing. It then morphed into graphic design, where I discovered the new age creative of digital painting. In 2003, I established my business, Mystic Moon Media LLC, and started painting on a broader scale. I have owned and sold my art in shoppes at Renaissance Festivals, have attended events all over the country, had my art featured on magazine covers, and have shipped my creations throughout the world.

I am currently the artist and manager of Mystic Moon Media LLC.