Digital Paintings by Artist C.Gerhardt
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From the Studio - Open Edition Master Originals

Welcome to C.Gerhardt's Open Edition Master Originals Collection. 
What is a Master Original?
All paintings by C. Gerhardt are digital, so unlike watercolor and oil paintings, there is no traditional original art piece. However, the artist wanted to create an exclusive reproduction of the painting, as if you were seeing the artwork through the eyes of C. Gerhardt herself.

• Each Master Original is reproduced in its original digital canvas size of 16x20 inches at 300 dpi.
• Each Master Original has been reproduced only once, on quality metallic photo paper, using the exact colors that were on the artist's tablet as she was painting it.
• Each Master Original only has one original non-digital signature on the painting, signed by the artist only after it was printed and inspected for true color accuracy.
• Each Master Original has the artist’s embossed seal in the bottom right hand corner for proof of authenticity.
• Each Master Original has the painting's name, collection, and date handwritten by the artist on the back.