Hey there! I'm Cherie.

I am a professional and experienced artist, creating unique and one-of-a-kind tattoos that perfectly capture your personality and embody your soul. Whether you're searching for a tattoo to show your personality or desire a tattoo in memory of someone special, I've got you covered. I'll work with you to create the ideal tattoo for you by combining your ideas and my years of artistic expertise and experience.

As both a
tattoo & commercial artist,

I've assisted several clients in producing art that reflects their individuality and encapsulates their spirit. Every project has a distinct voice and vision from my client, regardless of whether their canvas is alive or inanimate. I take pleasure in my work and aim to provide each customer with a one-of-a-kind piece of art that reflects their distinct voice and vision.

I established Mystic Moon Media LLC in 2003.

After getting a bachelor's degree in graphic design and working in the commercial art sector, I founded Mystic Moon Media LLC. I'm very grateful for the numerous years I spent as a tattoo artist, which began when I was 18 when I apprenticed under the tattoo master, Chicago Ed. It not only laid the groundwork for my company but also helped me establish Mystic Moon Media LLC as it is today. As a result of my unique life experiences, I have developed a unique perspective, and skill in the tattooing and commercial design fields. This, in turn, benefits my clients greatly as I can bring the skill, mastery, and creativity from both fields to your project.

As a professional tattoo artist,

specialize in full-color realism. I truly enjoy and excel at tattooing, natural, organic designs.  I generally tattoo on a larger scale, since this allows me to match the level of intricacy that people know me for in my digital paintings. I can also do other forms of tattooing styles such as black and gray or monochromatic realism. To summarize, if you can imagine it, I'll probably be able to tattoo it!

As an accomplished commercial artist,

I'm a digital artist that specializes in fantasy and pagan realism paintings. I have sold my creations throughout the world and traveled across the country doing so at numerous events, with a home base at the Bristol Renaissance Faire for over a decade.

I've collaborated with many companies, licensing my work on a range of goods, including oracle cards like The Witching Hour Oracle. I have a natural ability for creative expression and broad artistic knowledge that allows me to create stunning, detailed paintings for my client's projects.


Despite my strong artistic abilities,
my work is not appropriate for everyone's requirements.


Despite my expertise as both a tattoo artist and graphic designer, my work is not for everyone.

Here are a few examples of tattoo ideas that don't fit my style:

X   Geometric Designs
X   Celtic Knot Work
X   Mechanical items such as pocket watches, compasses, and automobiles.
X   Tattoos with a great deal of text.
X   Traditional tattoo designs with heavy line work.
X   Tattoos on the soles of the feet.
X   Tattoos on the palm of the hand.
X   Face Tattoos
X   Tattoos that cover private regions.

Finally, there are some tattoo designs that I will not create, even though many tattoo artists do them. I will also refuse to tattoo certain sections of the body. These designs and sections include:

X   Micro Tattoos
X   Tattooed Wedding Bands
X   Watercolor tattoos without any black work.
X   Any tattoo that includes a hate symbol or phrase.
X   Neck Tattoos
X   Head Tattoos

The following tattoos are typically turned down by me based on my client's age and whether or not they have tattoos:

X   Finger Tattoos
X   Hand Tattoos

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my skills!

I'm excited to get started on your tattoo or painting of dreams as soon as possible!