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Hey there! I'm Cherie.

As a seasoned and skilled artist, I specialize in crafting individualistic, one-of-a-kind tattoos that seamlessly encapsulate your soul. Whether you're seeking to exhibit your personality or commemorate a cherished memory, I'm here to meet your needs. Collaboratively, we'll shape the perfect tattoo for you, melding your visions with my extensive artistic understanding gained through years of experience.

Crafting Unique Masterpieces: Guiding Clients on a Creative Journey

Throughout my creative journey, I've had the privilege of guiding countless clients in creating artwork that echoes their distinctive identity and encapsulates their soul. Each project resonates with the unique voice and vision of my clients, whether the canvas teems with life or remains still. My passion thrives within this creative process, as I wholeheartedly strive to provide every client with an unparalleled masterpiece that reflects their individuality and personal vision.

I established Mystic Moon Media LLC in 2003.

After earning a bachelor's degree in graphic design and gaining experience in the realm of commercial art, I took the pivotal step of founding Mystic Moon Media LLC. The path that led me here was enriched by several years dedicated to tattoo artistry. This transformative journey began at the age of 18, under the mentorship of the esteemed tattoo artist, Chicago Ed. Those formative years not only laid the foundation for my venture but also played an integral role in shaping the essence of Mystic Moon Media LLC as it stands today.

My trajectory has gifted me with a wealth of unique life experiences, crafting a distinct perspective and honing remarkable skills in both tattooing and commercial design. This fusion empowers me to serve my clients with an extraordinary blend of expertise, mastery, and creative prowess from both domains. The culmination of my journey enables me to infuse your project with unparalleled skill and imagination.


As a professional tattoo artist,

I am a specialist in full-color realism, with a deep passion and exceptional proficiency in crafting tattoos inspired by nature and organic forms. My expertise shines particularly on a grander canvas, as it enables me to mirror the intricate detailing that defines my digital paintings. Beyond my signature style, I'm also well-versed in diverse tattooing genres, including black and gray or monochromatic realism. In essence, if you can envision it, chances are I can bring it to life through the art of tattooing!


Done on Synthetic Skin.


As an accomplished commercial artist,

I am a digital artist with a distinct focus on painting captivating fantasy and pagan realism paintings. My creations have found homes across the globe, and my artistic journey has taken me far and wide, showcasing my work at various events nationwide. For over a decade, I've established a creative haven at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

Throughout my career, I've engaged in fruitful collaborations with numerous companies, my work gracing an array of products including the enchanting oracle cards like 'The Witching Hour Oracle'. My innate gift for creative expression, coupled with an extensive artistic repertoire, empowers me to fashion intricate and mesmerizing paintings that breathe life into my clients' projects.


Even though I possess considerable artistic talents, it's important to acknowledge that my work and artistic style may not resonate with everyone.

Here are a few examples that fit my artistic tattooing style:

✓  Full Color REALISM

✓  Natural Organic Designs

✓ Large Tattoos: Full Sleeves, Thigh Pieces, Back Pieces, etc.

✓  Nature Tattoos: Animals, Landscapes, Plants, Trees, Flowers, etc.

✓ Fantasy Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids, etc.

✓ Highly Detailed Tattoos


My expertise lies in creating full-color, intricately detailed, and lifelike tattoos.

Achieving the level of detail necessary for realism is closely linked to the size of the tattoo.

A larger canvas allows me to incorporate an enhanced level of detail, resulting in a more authentic and realistic appearance.

Here are a few examples of tattoo ideas that don't fit my style:

X  Geometric Designs      X  Tattoos Containing Text
X  Traditional tattoo designs with heavy line work.
X  Mechanical items such as pocket watches, compasses, and automobiles.

Tattoo Requests I Will Absolutely NOT Accept

Ultimately, there exist tattoos that I won't undertake, despite their popularity among other tattoo artists.

Similarly, I hold the stance of declining to tattoo specific areas of the body.

These particular tattoos and sections encompass:

X  Micro Tattoos

X  Tattooed Wedding Bands
X  Tattoos without black work.
X  Any tattoo that includes a hate symbol or phrase.
X  Neon Fluorescent, Black Light Tattoos (they are toxic!)
X  Human & Animal Cremains (Ash) Tattoos
X  Tattoos on the soles of the feet.
X  Tattoos on the palm of the hand.
X  Face Tattoos & Inside Lip
X  Tattoos that cover private regions.
X  Blackout & Glitter Tattoos
  Upside down Tattoos

The following tattoos are typically turned down by me based on my client's age and whether if they have tattoos:

X   Finger Tattoos            X   Hand Tattoos

Please Respect My Time: My Policy on No-Call / No Show

My policy on no-call / no-shows is straightforward: our professional affiliation will be terminated.

Clear and efficient communication plays a pivotal role in our relationship between the tattoo artist and the client.

I understand that life can sometimes throw unexpected challenges our way, and I am more than willing to collaborate with you to find solutions that benefit both of us.

However, when it comes to instances of no-call, no-show, that's where I must draw the line.

My livelihood is closely tied to the commitment of my clients to their scheduled appointments. Thus, if you fail to provide me with prior notice in such situations, our professional relationship will have to come to an end.

Please understand that there will be no exceptions to this policy.

Whether you're just starting your tattoo journey or are well into multiple sessions for a full-body masterpiece,

I must emphasize that a failure in communication will, unfortunately, necessitate the cancellation of any forthcoming appointments.

Kindly note that, in a gesture of fairness, I will not be sending you emails to inform you of missed appointments, as this aligns with the level of consideration reciprocated on your end.

I'm excited to get started on your tattoo or painting of dreams as soon as possible!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my skills!

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